A Major Discovery is a project of the OSU Division of Earth Systems Science, a collaborative unit comprised of the Colleges of Forestry, Agricultural Sciences, and Oceanic & Atmospheric Sciences. We wish to recognize and thank the OSU Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Success and Student Engagement which provided funding for this project as a part of their initiative to advance first-year experiences and advising for OSU students.

The Division of Earth Systems Science (ESS) houses the majority of academic units at OSU pertaining to understanding, sustaining and managing Earth’s life support systems and the natural resources derived from those systems that contribute daily to human well being and quality of life. These units deliver comprehensive programs through teaching/learning, research/discovery, scholarship and outreach/Extension/engagement. Faculties in the Division address fundamental challenges facing humanity and its efforts to establish sustainable relationships with the natural world through its work on food, fiber, renewable materials for shelter, land and water use, natural resource and environmental stewardship, climate change, renewable energy, and the economic well being of our communities. The ESS Division houses programs with preeminent distinction and top-10 rankings at national and international levels in these areas. The Division also houses much of OSU’s externally funded research and scholarship capacity. OSU is a distinguished Land, Sea, and Sun Grant University with international impacts because of the programs and people in the ESS Division.

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